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On March 22 2013, our 1 Voice team completed 56 miles in 24 hours on the Tuscarora Trail. Our efforts help seed a Scholarship Fund for the Samaritan Women in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Samaritan Women Scholarship Fund provides financial support to women who are endeavoring to re-imagine and re-build their lives from exploitation and trauma.  The Samaritan Women is one of the only restoration homes for victims of human trafficking in the Mid-Atlantic and provides not only a long-term therapeutic residence, but also invests in these women academically, vocationally, spiritually, socially, and in self-care.  The Scholarship Fund is administered by the Advisory Board and helps these women achieve their academic goals.  The program offers in-house courses in culinary art and the Scholarship Fund helps to off-set those costs.  The Fund also provides for women pursuing their high school equivalency, community college, and/or professional certification courses.  www.thesamaritanwomen.org

If you would like to donate to this cause and help women who are victims of human trafficking get an education and move forward to healing and a safe future go to our donation page here: